- Assisting Families with Loved Ones Incarcerated Overseas
Channel Ten News reveals Steve Addison behind notorious "Expendable Project" linking Corbys to hostile initiative....   View


 Stephen Kenny

steveHas an active role in Human Rights and is a pro-bono adviser to the Foreign Prisoner Support Service. Stephen has represented a number of Australians detained overseas, including David Hicks and Robert Langdon.
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Julian McMahon

Assisting Australians on Death Row in Bali.  
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Mercy Campaign
Andrew and Myuran, two young Australians, face execution in Indonesia. They have admitted trying to traffic drugs to Australia. They have exhausted their appeals. All that can save them is clemency from Indonesia’s President. We ask you to help in respectfully seeking clemency.

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Martin Hodgson
Senior FPSS Advocate - Finalist 25th Human Rights Awards (Australia)

Lingiari's Legacy:
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The Mystery of Mohammed Abbass
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Lessons for the Traveller'
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Upholding Human Rights
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Kidnapping Information for Australian Travellers
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Kay Danes, OAM
Advocate Kay Danes appointed to the Order of Australia.
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Kay Danes, OAM
Kay Danes named
2012 Qld Finalist - Australian of the Year Awards

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The Treatment of people arrested or detained overseas 
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Hollywood and the Reality of Prison Life
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Russell Brand  Addiction to Recovery

Russell Brand presents a powerful insight and approach towards drug and alcohol addiction.
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Campaigns Death Penalty


When a person travels overseas they leave behind their Country's legal support systems, emergency service capabilities and medical facilities. Whilst your Government is obliged to provide prisoner support, there may be limitations.

Our aim is to offer information, advocacy and access to a network of support in the diplomatic, legal and academic fields.
Connecting with the right support is critical when you or your loved one is detained overseas.

There are mechanisms to redress an injustice. Foreign internment is a complex issue and needs to be managed expertly.

FPSS Advocates are credible and credentialed ... we can think strategically to align all the partnerships required to bring forth positive working relations. We can help you navigate the diplomatic minefield and negotiate best outcomes.  We can work with consular staff and media to maintain the integrity of your support.


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Andrew Chan and Myuran Sukumaran have been moved to the execution staging area...


Former Australian Prime Ministers united in plea for Mercy - See more at:

Former Australian Prime Ministers united in plea for Mercy - See more at:

Andrew and Myuran arrive on Nusakambangan island ahead of execution - Read

Ben Quilty recalls emotional farewell
to death row inmate Myuran Sukumaran

Indonesians --- please visit the "Mercy Bahasa Facebook page" and show your support for Myuran and Andrew -

"Indonesia you have succeeded in your purpose..... You have rehabilitated these men. Keep hope alive. Let them live."

Mercy Campaign petition presented to governments, families overwhelmed

Incredibly insightful....Martin Hodgson - Snr Advocate FPSS

‘ABC Radio, Bali Nine Feb 16th’ Interview with Martin Hodgson discussing the Death Penalty‚Ĩ and why the PM must do more!

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Forget what you’ve seen in the movies...this is what the death penalty looks like. -Article by Martin Hodgson

Martin Hodgson, a Senior Advocate and Anti Death Penalty Co-ordinator at Foreign Prisoner Support Service. He has worked on hundreds of cases around the world with clients including Peter Greste, Tallaal Adrey, Amanda Knox, Rachel Diaz and many more. He specialises in Death Penalty cases particularly in the Middle East, International Law and Kidnap resolution. Martin has twice been a finalist in the Australian Human Rights Awards. Read article on death penalty here.

Kylie Bretag on a street in Mexico.Melbourne woman Kylie Bretag detained in Mexico

A Melbourne woman has been detained in Mexico for almost a week after she was locked up for travelling without a visa. Story here

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