- Assisting Families with Loved Ones Incarcerated Overseas
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 Stephen Kenny

steveHas an active role in Human Rights and is a pro-bono adviser to the Foreign Prisoner Support Service. Stephen has represented a number of Australians detained overseas, including David Hicks and Robert Langdon.
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Julian McMahon

Assisting Australians on Death Row in Bali.  
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Mercy Campaign
Andrew and Myuran, two young Australians, face execution in Indonesia. They have admitted trying to traffic drugs to Australia. They have exhausted their appeals. All that can save them is clemency from Indonesia’s President, Susilo Bambang Yudhoyono. We ask you to help in respectfully seeking clemency.

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Martin Hodgson
Senior FPSS Advocate - Finalist 25th Human Rights Awards (Australia)

Lingiari's Legacy:
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The Mystery of Mohammed Abbass
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Lessons for the Traveller'
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Upholding Human Rights
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Kidnapping Information for Australian Travellers
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Kay Danes, OAM
04/02/14 Laos Social Justice Advocate Kay Danes appointed to the Order of Australia.
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Kay Danes named
2012 Qld Finalist - Australian of the Year Awards

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The Treatment of people arrested or detained overseas 
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Hollywood and the Reality of Prison Life
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  Families Behind Bars

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Foreign Prisoner Support Service

  Established in 1995 in Brisbane, Australia to create FREE education and awareness of human rights and social justice.
Extensive networks who can help you navigate your way to specialised support.
Supporting Families who have loved ones locked up abroad.

Advice if your loved one is Arrested overseas

     Step 1: Contact Embassy                    Step 2: Engage experienced Lawyer                 Step 3: Be strategic

When a person travels overseas they leave behind their Country's legal support systems, emergency service capabilities and medical facilities. Whilst your Government is obliged to provide prisoner support, there may be limitations. Read the Consular Services Charter applicable to your country. Familiarise yourself with local laws and customs where your loved one is arrested, they may face a significant period of detention before their case goes before a court. Don't offend the detaining state by saying their laws are ridiculous (even if you think they are). Remember that governments cannot march over the jurisdictional rights of another State to impose its own rule of law there. There are mechanisms to redress an injustice. Foreign internment is a complex issue and needs to be managed expertly.

Are people arrested in foreign countries better off keeping a low profile?

They are best to engage experienced legal representatives who can offer sound legal and media strategies combined with diplomatic solutions to secure best outcomes. Amateur online campaigns, fist waving and sensational magazine stories ..... do nothing to improve a prisoner's situation.

Is there a kind of best practice to dealing with the law and courts overseas for Australians in trouble ?

Engage people who have runs on the board and have the respect of governments and non government organisations....who are credible and credentialed ... who have operated in the field and can think strategically to align all the partnerships required to bring forth positive working relations. You'll need someone to help you navigate the diplomatic minefield and to negotiate and secure best outcomes.  Work with consular staff and become familiar with  local laws and how they might affect the prisoner. Above all maintain integrity of the campaign.


Sign the petition and help save Andrew and Myuran from being executed.
Please help us plead for mercy.

Photo: Today marks the 300th day that Peter Greste  has been held in Egyptian custody, we are pleased an appeal date has finally been announced for 1st January 2015. It has been a long and difficult wait.

By the time Peter's appeal begins he will have spent more than 12 months in custody. It will have been six months since his unjust conviction, handed down by Cairo's Criminal Court last June. 

We are hopeful that the injustice we felt and experienced as a result of Peter’s conviction can be turned around.  We see this as an opportunity for Egypt to demonstrate that their legal system is fair, unprejudiced and justFREE PETER GRESTE

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Journalists the world over are uniting to call on Peter Greste's release: Click here

Facebook: click here  

Please sign the petition to call on the Egyptian Government to release Australian journalist Peter Greste. He has been wrongly condemned and his family are suffering terribly because of the injustice he has been subjected to. He has been tried in violation of International mandates to which the Egyptian authorities signed on to. 
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“She’s very scared. They’re not telling her anything.”Aussie woman trapped in Mexican hell

IT’S a simple travel mistake any of us could have made, but it’s landed one Australian woman in a filthy Mexican detention centre with no idea when she will be released.

Kylie Bretag, a 30-year-old waitress from Melbourne, was arrested on October 20 at a checkpoint in the town of Tenosique after Mexican officials boarded her bus to check passengers’ passports, according to her friend Natalie Wayt.

Ms Wayt, 27, was due to meet Ms Bretag in Cancun but was forced to return to Houston after finding out her friend had been detained. It’s understood Australian consular officials are working with Mexican authorities to resolve the issue.

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Foreign Prisoner Support Service advocate a finalist in National Human Right Awards - Read Full Copy Here

KALARU-BASED human rights advocate Martin Hodgson named a finalist for a prestigious award by the Australian Human Rights Commission. According to the commission, they are the two most vigourously contested categories for the 2013 Australian Human Rights Awards. Martin is one of the very few people to have been selected as a finalist two years running. 

Martin Hodgson speaks to ABC News radio about Peter Greste.
"The fact is, the Department of Foreign Affairs and the Australian Government has failed until the day Peter Greste arrives back in Australia.... I always felt that unless a lot more had been done at a government to government level that Mr. Greste would face a prison sentence."
Click here for Interview Government refuse to release Sombath!

Sombath Somphone was kidnapped from his Vientiane office in December 2012. Police security footage show he was stopped at a police checkpoint in the capital and taken into custody. He has not been seen since. Enforced disappearances—the detention of persons by the state, usually the military or police, followed by a refusal to reveal their fate or whereabouts—has become a major human rights concern in Asia.(Regional Report)
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Laos block investigation: Click here (Mar 2013)     US-Hmong Men kidnapped in 2008 still missing: Click here

WE support the Universal Declaration of Human Rights
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