Kerobokan prison
Establish contact with a prisoner BEFORE you attempt to visit or send a care package. From time to time the process may change.
FPSS do not put media in direct contact with prisoners unless they request this directly. Please consider that there are issues relating to the Privacy Act concerning the rights of Prisoners which we too respect.

Sending letters to prisoners in Kerobokan:

(Insert prisoner name and nationality) 
C/- LPM Kerobokan Jl.
Tangkuban Perahu
Kerobokan, Denpasar 80117

Or via the Australian Consulate in Bali :

Can I send parcels to prisoners?
Yes but they will be opened and searched and it cannot be guaranteed that everything in the parcel will actually reach the prisoners. Sometimes valuable things can “go missing” Always contact the prisoner and advise them that you are sending them something and what you are sending them.

What can I send?
Books, crafts and art and craft materials, food, letters and magazines. Do not send alcohol, drugs, dangerous items. 
How do I send?
Establish contact with the prisoner first and then send via their instructions. If you are in Bali then you may drop off care packages to the front desk at the jail, with the inmates name and cell number of you can mail to the jail. see address below. BUT FIRST make sure the prisoner is aware that you are delivering a package for them. If in doubt, ask your Embassy.
Will they get the items I send?
If you have established contact with a prisoner and they have advised you on the best way to send care packages, then the prisoner should recieve what you send. Do not send valuables through the post however. It simply isn't advisable. Never send cash in the mail either. Remember: Always establish contact first.
Can prisoners write back?
Yes. But that's not to say they will.
Do they need money for stamps?
Yes. Discuss this with the prisoner as they are in the position to advise.
How do I support a prisoner financially?
Contact one of the “friends of….” Facebook sites or contact the prisoner or their family by mail. Usually there are accounts already in place.
What is the best way to support a prisoner?
Regular contact of correspondence is the best support you can give. Some of these inmates have found a “purpose” and a way to make amends through facilitating rehabilitative projects at Kerobokan. These inmates would rather you support their projects at the jail than get financial support themselves. Support the rehab programs they are involved in. This better protects the integrity of your support too.
Can I visit a prisoner?
Yes but if it is a foreign prisoner you must first register with Embassy of the country the prisoner is from. You must also let the inmate know you are coming and they will approve your visit (or not) through the Embassy. The Embassy sends a list of approved guests to the jail so you need to register well in advance to booking your ticket to Bali.
What is the actual address of the prison?
Lapas Kerobokan Penjara
Jalan Tangkuban Perahu.
Desa Kerobokan Kelod, Kuta Utara. Badung 80361.
How do I get there?
Catch a taxi from anywhere in the Kuta/Legian/Seminyak area or drive to the jail and park out the front.
What is the process I must follow once I arrive?
You must tell the guards at the front who you wish to see. Remember that you MUST have permission from the inmate and the Embassy to visit. Don’t just turn up at the entry. The inmate will be notified you are there and will meet you in the visiting area.
You will need your passport which will be held by the guards. Do not bring mobile phones or any computer equipment including flash drives, I Pods etc and no cameras allowed. You must be dressed appropriately. Long pants [no dresses] and shoulders must be covered.You can expect to have your bag searched [you can bring food in with you] but body searches are uncommon.

Is it safe for me to visit a prisoner?
Yes it is safe but keep in mind that prisoners who have committed violent crimes are not segregated at Kerobokan either in the main jail or in the visiting area. That being said we do not know of any incidents of people having issues in the visiting area. This area is overcrowded and not air conditioned. Bring a hand fan and water.
What should I take on my visit?
Bring a hand fan and water. Bring food, fresh fruit, craft materials etc, books etc. Label them with the inmates name and cell number. Cigarettes are always a good gift and fresh vegetables.

Are there any urgent campaigns that need support? 
Yes. Two Australian men are currently on death row. Go to or write to your MP if you are an Australian.
Bob. Katter. MP
Julie. Bishop. MP
Kevin. Rudd. MP
Tony. Abbott. MP
Last updated May 2013
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