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David Hicks seeks to clear name and get compensation through UNHCR

No Australian citizen should be subjected to an unfair system unsupported by the rule of law and principles of fairness. Most importantly- no person should be subjected to torture, cruel, inhuman and degrading treatment.

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Hicks 'elated' to be in solitary confinement in Adelaide


David Hicks 2011

More than seven years ago, Australian David Hicks, then 24, left Adelaide as a Muslim convert on his way to Pakistan to support the cause of Islam.

Just before 11am yesterday, he was home again ? escorted in the back of a van by motorcycle police, prison officers and a high-security response squad.

In Cuba's Guantanamo Bay, where he was held for almost 5½ years by US authorities who declared him a prisoner in the war on terror, he spent most of his time in solitary confinement.

In Yatala Labour Prison, in Adelaide's northern suburbs, he will also be in a small cell by himself, allowed out for exercise for one hour a day before his release in late December ? possibly in time to be reunited with his family for the New Year.

The dramatic return of the former Taliban fighter and convicted supporter of terrorism was not lost on Hicks, now 31, who landed at the RAAF base at Edinburgh, north of Adelaide, at 9.50am Adelaide time (11.50am NZT) after a secretive 24-hour flight from the US military prison at Guantanamo Bay.

"He did make the rather amusing comment ? there are not too many prisoners who get a world trip between stretches," Hicks' civilian lawyer for the past two years, David McLeod, said.

Hicks was grateful to be a prisoner of the Australian Government, after years as a prisoner of the US Government, a situation that, in the end, embarrassed both governments.

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  • Hicks transferred to Adelaide jail
  • Ruddock says AFP to decide on Hicks control order

    Stop slurring my son: Hicks dad
    Stop slurring my son: Hicks dad David Hicks will be out of jail on New Year's Eve after an extraordinarily lenient plea bargain agreement meant that whatever sentence he got, he would only serve nine months of it in jail.

    The Military Commission panel – made up of serving US officers – gave him the maximum possible sentence of seven years. Even that was a reduction on the statutory maximum of life imprisonment.

    But the pre-trial agreement meant that six years and three months will be suspended. This means that he will be released on the last day of the year, and as long as he doesnt violate the terms of his agreement, he will stay out of jail.

    The pre-trial agreement appears to have been designed with the Australian political calendar in mind.

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    David Hicks Rally in Adelaide

    ~ Adelaide Rally - Adelaide remembers David Hicks -Photo Gallery ~

    In 1999 a young man from suburban Adelaide set out on an overseas trip that would change his life forever. Initially, he was after adventure and the experience of travelling the Silk Road. But events would set him on a different path. He would be deemed a terrorist, one of George W Bush's 'worst of the worst'. He would be incarcerated in the world's most notorious prison, Guantanamo Bay. And in that place where, according to an interrogator in Abu Ghraib, 'even dogs won't live', he was to languish for five and a half years, suffering horror, torture and abuse, while Australians were told who he was - by politicians, the media and foreign governments. Everyone had an opinion on him. But only he knows the truth. And now, for the first time, David Hicks tells his story.
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    Some things you may not know about David Hicks
    • Davie fought on the side of NATO and the UN when he was in Kosovo
    • David was not armed when he was detained
    • David was not shooting at American or Australian troops (or any others)
    • All others detained with him at the time were immediately released
    • David had his first phone call with his family in December 2002 - after two years imprisoment
    • His military lawyer, Major Mori, says he has almost no chance of a fair trial
    • His mental state is fragile and he has deteriorated physically
    • Major Mori is convinced he was not involved in any terrorist activities
    • David was held in solitary confinement on and off since September 2003

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  • Hicks elated to be in solitary confinement in Adelaide
  • Hicks transferred to Adelaide jail
  • Ruddock says AFP to decide on Hicks control order
  • Hicks to fly home next week: Downer
  • Stop slurring my son: Hicks dad
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  • Bush administration charges Australian under new U.S. law
  • Hicks's US lawyer say charges 'thin'
  • Defence to use torture allegations in Hicks's tribunal
  • Hicks case is simply about a fair go
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  • Howard blasted for Hicks delay
  • Hicks could be back 'by year end'
  • Hicks' health ok, says US doctor
  • Dick Smith donates $60,000 to free Hicks
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  • Hicks' medical will be biased: Habib
  • Joyce a lone hand on Hicks plea letter
  • Saddam poster used for 'mental torture'
  • Australian lawmakers ask U.S. for Hicks release
  • Do you endorse Hicks treatment, Prime Minister?
  • Rhetoric: An orange appeal to free Hicks
  • Labor MPs plead to Pelosi over Hicks
  • Hicks medical will be biased: Habib
  • Joyce a lone hand on Hicks plea letter
  • Saddam poster used for 'mental torture'
  • Government scrambles to avoid Hicks delay fallout
  • Delay over Hicks trial unfair, says police chief
  • Australia has betrayed Hicks, says Fraser
  • US Military Commission Chief Prosecutor And David Hicks
  • Former Political Prisoner speaks up for David Hicks - saying it's time to uphold rule of Law!
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  • Please, get me out of here: desperate plea
  • Hicks' trial day looms
  • Painting Raises Funds for Terry Hicks
  • Hicks refused visit for fear of punishment: lawyer
  • Hicks 'abandoned' by Australia
  • Hicks trying appeals court
  • No guilty plea for Hicks: lawyer
  • Lawyer rules out Hicks plea deal
  • I can't take much more, Hicks tells his father
  • Hicks 'tortured' in jail
  • Senate vote on Hicks, Guantanamo closure
  • UK to consider helping Australian at Guantanamo
  • Strong reaction to Guantanamo deaths
  • US Guantanamo remarks 'inhumane'
  • Criticism of Guantanamo rises; Pentagon IDs 3 who killed selves
  • Saudi suspicion over Guantanamo deaths
  • Judges seek fair trial for Hicks
  • Natasha Stott Despoja: Speak out in the name of democracy
  • Hicks letter welcomed
  • David Hicks stays put in limbo
  • 60 minors at Guantanamo
  • The children of Guantanamo Bay
  • Children face same conditions as adults at Guantanamo: report
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  • UK govt may lodge another Hicks appeal
  • Government blasted for Hicks detention
  • Court dismisses British Govt's appeal against Hicks' citizenship
  • Hicks’ trial "politically motivated" Mori says.
  • Hicks Bereft of Hope in Guantanamo, Says Lawyer
  • Michael Mori Thanks Melbourne Uni For Help in Hicks Case
  • Military trial hope for Hicks
  • Blair Refuses to Meet Guantanamo Detainee Hicks' DadDavid Hicks receives support from Australian Democrats
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  • Real tales from Guantanamo Bay Papers released by U.S. show inmates' defiance and despair
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  • Hicks Speaks to Father & is concerned about UK appeal
  • David Hicks Wins U.K. Citizenship
  • Govt should feel embarrassed over Hicks: lawyer
  • Father of Australian Guantanamo detainee welcomes British decision
  • Australia may not welcome British citizen Hicks back home
  • Guantánamo - only the tip of an iceberg of abuse.
  • Cover story: Inside GuantanamoPM blames Hicks' lawyers for case delay
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  • Hicks Case Flawed: Prosecutors
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  • Law Council condemns Hicks trial
  • US rules out death penalty for Hicks
  • Tribunals to Resume for Gitmo Detainees
  • Hicks may have to wait for one more year
  • Hicks has rights, rules US judge
  • US ruling may offer hope for David Hicks
  • Hicks family welcomes US court judgement
  • Hicks may face torture evidence: lawyer
  • Court strikes at heart of Hicks case
  • 'Unlawful' ruling may delay Hicks trial
  • Hicks moved out of solitary confinement
  • Heated exchanges at Hicks military hearing
  • Mock Trial in Adelaide David Hicks Protest
  • Hicks tells father of personal hell
  • Hicks tells of '10 hours of hell'
  • Terrorist Suspect Hicks Was Abused in U.S. Custody
  • Australian Al-Qaeda Suspect Hicks Faces U.S. Tribunal
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  • Pentagon orders hearings at prison
  • Q&A in Guantanamo Bay Case
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  • Howard calls for Hicks, Habib to be tried soon
  • Re: Hicks lawyers fighting so-called democratic nations
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  • Guantanamo Prison Inmate Hicks Charged by Pentagon
  • Howard calls for Hicks, Habib to be tried soon
  • Hicks 'tied up and beaten'
  • Kay Danes Responds to Article - Hicks 'tied up and beaten'
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  • PM doubts Hicks abuse claims...
  • Australia's Hicks Tied Up And Beaten at Guantanamo ...
  • Defence Dept approved interrogation techniques.
  • US Supreme Court to hear Hicks, Habib case
  • Hicks may come home: lawyer
  • Hicks rejected suicide role
  • How we survived jail hell
  • Military tribunal a show trial, says lawyer
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